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Please note that from January 2017 this site will no longer be maintained or updated. I will endeavor to keep the site active as long as possible.


Sadly after 18 years I will no longer be maintaining this website. It has been an interesting time researching this small estate. I have discovered many new and exciting historic events that were not even imagined when I started in 1999. It is much regret that I have to cease maintaining this site but I will try to keep it active for as long as possible.

The idea of a unique website for the locality of Coley Park was conceived in 1999. The initial idea was to find some history of the current Coley House (or Mansion) and also the original Coley Park Farm that was located within the Coley Park estate.

I lived on the estate in my early years from 1958 until 1970. As an adventurous young lad, I climbed the trees, fished from the Holy Brook, and explored as much of the mansion and farm grounds as one could. I watched the trains change from steam to diesel at nearby Southcote Junction and played in the Kennet Water Meadows, especially when they were frozen over in winter.

Over the years and after many hours of time-consuming research, much has been achieved. In particular the discovery of an earlier manor house located closer to the farm came as a real surprise and also of the status in the district it once held.

This website has been revamped a number of times over the years to improve its readability and functionality. Original titled Memories of Coley Park, the name changed slightly in 2004 to Memories of Coley Park and Beyond and then in January 2006 was facelifted with a green theme throughout and was retitled Coley Park and Beyond. In March 2007 a separate sub-section was introduced to provide the growing coverage of the older 'Coley' district, although much of this area has been documented in many fine books over time.

Not to stand still, in March 2010, after three years of the green theme, we went blue. With this change the screen width of the website was increased due to the now increasingly higher resolution monitors available. Content wise, many of the website pages were updated, expanded or completely rewritten to provide more accurate information and sometimes better images.

By 2014 the website was 15 years old and it was time to decide whether to keep this website going or close the site. I decided that if I was to keep the site alive then I would have to improve some things that bugged me. It needed a 'search' function and many pages required a rewrite or better functionality. So here we are with the 'Purple Haze' design which now includes a 'contact' page and the overdue 'search' function and much easier to navigate photo galleries. I hope you like the new feel as much as I do.

I cannot emphasize enough, the appreciation I feel to those who over many years have sent me some wonderful photographs or historical information, or just their own personal memories of Coley Park. And to those who have unselfishly gone out and taken photos just to fill the blanks in this website, I am truly indebted, especially as I have not lived in the area for many years.


Kevin Rosier
January 2017

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