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Thomas Bradford

Owner of Coley Park estates 1802

Thomas Bradford of Woodlands, near Doncaster, and later of Ashdown Park in Sussex, purchased the estates in 1802, but resold them later the same year to John McConnell. It is possible he may have purchased an estate in Surrey in 1815 and named it Ashdown Park.

Thomas had at least three sons, Thomas, unknown and Henry. Both Thomas the eldest and Henry the youngest of the three joined the British Army. They were both knighted for their gallantry efforts. Sir Thomas becoming a general in 1841, but unfortunately Sir Henry (who attained the position of Lieutenant-colonel) died at La Vacherie, near Lilliere, on December 7, 1816, of wounds received at the Battle of Waterloo, and was buried at Storrington, Sussex.

Thomas Bradford's wife died aged 94 at Brighton, England in July 1840.

No further information is yet available for Thomas Bradford.


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