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It's interesting that the women were excited about the row of five shops arriving but the men were more excited with the building of the public house.


The Shops and Pub

A row of five new shops (locally known as 'The Top Shops') were completed in 1961, located on vacant land on Wensley Road, near Carsdale Close. A telephone box and post box were placed on the verge in front of the shops. Public toilets were positioned at the rear of the shops which have long since closed and the doorways bricked up (the 'Ladies' was at the right end of the shops and the 'Gents' at the left end).

There has obviously been a number of owner changes over the years and also the type of shop. Originally the shops were (looking from left to right) were: Hardware - Grocer - Newsagent (Post Office) - Butcher - Greengrocer.


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The 'Top Shops' at Coley Park
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In the early 1960's new streets were built on the farm land adjacent and to the left of the entrance to the Coley Park Farm. The extension to St. Saviours Road was built and now connects here to Wensley Road and a new street, Tintern Crescent, was built. Previously the land was used to grow vegetables and had pig compounds. Opposite here on Wensley Road, to the right of the roundabout were constructed a number of small flats/apartments.


The Roundhead Public House

'The Roundhead' Public House was built in 1965 at number 50 Wensley Road, on the corner of Carsdale Close. In May 2007, after a 6 week makeover, the pub was transformed back into a traditional family pub with a new decor and revamped bar menu.


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Prior to the renovation in 2007
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'The Roundhead' Pub in 2009


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